If we're going to get the job done well, in our book, it requires us to be BRAVE.  When, where and how will vary by client, but one constant is our own commitment:

Brave Enough to "Write a Shorter Letter"

Ok, we admit it... Public Relations isn't rocket science.  But really good PR does stand out.  And most of our clients are actually surprised at how difficult it can be to illustrate what should be said -- without giving in to the temptations of generic marketing speak that no one understands or cares about anyway.  Getting to the point succinctly but eloquently can be challenging in the media circus.  We've got the skills to help you communicate just what needs to be heard.

Brave Enough to Risk Ruffling Some Feathers

Most of our clients are pretty smart folks, but sometimes they may want to do something that doesn't strike us as particularly brilliant.  We want to be as collaborative as possible with our clients, but collaboration requires candor.  You with us.  Us with you.  If the idea of someone confessing that your "great" idea really isn't all that dazzling breeds unbearable terror in your heart, then we may not be the firm for you.

Brave Enough to Raise Our Hand

Trust us - we know our stuff.  But don't be fooled when we pop (seemingly dim) questions.  We're just ensuring we're in the best position to ID every opportunity - from every angle.  We'll ask the smart ones too, but you'll have to give us a hall pass if we don't quite (but genuinely want to) understand how you got from point A to point B to achieve maximum... something or other.  We're innately curious - and will dig in to learn your business from top to bottom.

That's what BRAVE is; here's how we work.